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030031 Sunman, Bebelou bath time baby set, 35 cm / + 3 years old


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    Bebelou bath time to play with the baby is more fun!

    Cute duck will make your game with your tiny lifi and other accessories that will be happy to play with this baby set!

    Cute bornozu and good quality accessories will be the indispensable part of the perfect games!

    In the box; Baby shampoo, soap, baby oil, baby powder, shower lifi, shower, bath and soap.

    The creativity of children’s creativity, giving their own decisions to make their imagination more and their imagination. Kids share with friends, like to share it with your friends, like to be waiting for your cooperation with their feelings, like to make him. The creative dream improves the power, and it is also a very versatile game, and it is a very versatile game friend.

    Product size: 35 cm.

    Box size: 29x13x38 cm

    Important note: the product is Not specified when the product is a piece of the product will be done. If you can not send the product color selection according to the stock state of the product.


    Be carefull: If multiple items are note specified in the product, one product will be sent. If you cannot choose the color of the product, the product will be mixed colors in the stock status.

    Will be shipped from Turkey.


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