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3/4 Layers Detached Baby Food Storage Box Milk Powder Container PBA-free Portable Little Volume High Capacity Kid Food Container

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    1. The transparent plastic 3/4 layer milk powder box is beautiful in appearance, suitable for carrying out and using at night.

    2. Milk powder can be metered, once per layer, no need for temporary metering when going out or late-night feeding, it can be directly brewed, which is convenient and saves time.

    3. There is a middle cover inside, which can keep the volume clean, and the bottom does not stick to the lower layer of milk powder, which is very hygienic.

    Instructions for use:

    According to the baby’s number of months, pour the one-time amount of milk powder into the milk powder box; overlap and tighten the lid of each milk powder box, and then seal the lid; when brewing milk powder, after removing the lid, directly put the milk powder box against it Pour the milk powder into the bottle at the mouth of the milk bottle; place the empty milk powder box and the middle cover on the bottom layer, and tighten the milk powder to avoid moisture.


    Do not use microwave oven to sterilize, use boiling water to sterilize before use



    Size:3 layers: 7.5*15.2 (cm); 4 layers: 7.5*18.5 (cm)

    Material: PP

    Package Included:

    1*Milk powder filling cup

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