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baby massager teeth Baby Silicone Training Toothbrush giraffe Shape Safe Toddle Teether Chew Toys Teething For Infant Baby

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  • Description

    ECUSKIDS Giraffe Bite

    【 Specification 】 63g

    [Country of Origin] China

    [Material] Silicone

    【 Shelf life 】 10 years

    [Applicable age] 3 months and above

    matters needing attention:

    *Please use this product under adult supervision;

    *Before first use, please disinfect in boiling water. Before/after use, clean and dry with infant product detergent or air dry before use or storage (supports disinfection at temperatures below 110 degrees Celsius, recommended time within 3 minutes, and UV disinfection)

    *Used under adult supervision

    *During the use of the product, pay attention to preventing dangerous situations such as piercing the eyes or entering too deeply.

    *Prohibit the use of this product for other purposes

    Storage method:

    Please place in a dry and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight

    Product Details:

    Product name :ecuskids Soft Deer Tooth Gum for children

    Product weight:75g

    Product size:11.1*4.2*17.8

    ━━ Why do you choose it? ━ ━ ━ ━

    Lightweight scratch resistant design silica gel material with multiple bites can reduce toothache and itching when babies bite and promote early hand-eye coordination ability of infants

    (1) FDA certified pacifier silicone (through safety and health testing)

    (2) Does not contain bisphenol A(non-toxic and tasteless, mother can rest assured)

    (3) Multiple bites promote gingival development (to help the healthy growth of primary teeth)

    (4) Soft Q bullet does not hurt the skin (scratch proof design)

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