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Baby Newborns Soft Safety Liquid Silicone Gel Feeding Pacifier Nipple Natural Flexible Replacement Wide Mouth Milk Bottle

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  • Description

    Wide-bore silicone breast milk real-feeling pacifier
    【Color】 Transparent

         Designed according to the shape of the breast, it gives the baby the feeling of breast milk. Fits well into the nursing nest. In addition, the anti-colic air guide system is designed to make the milk flow back smoothly and without air pressure. Wide caliber, easy to clean. The nipple is made of 100% food silicone material, which is safe, non-toxic, odorless, thick, resistant to high temperature of 120 °C, full of elasticity and not easy to deform.
         1. The pacifier is made of silicone material, which is easy to age and damage. High temperature disinfection and the baby’s sucking force will affect the service life of the pacifier.
         2. Before each use, please carefully check whether the nipple is damaged or not. Regular replacement of the nipple is recommended to replace it every 1-2 months.
         3. Please wash with clean water before use, and then put it in a professional sterilizer to sterilize.
         4. Please put it in a place that is not easy for the baby to touch. Do not let the baby use the product as a toy.


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