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Cartoon Animal Pattern Pacifier Soother for Baby Teether Safety Food Grade Silicone Infant Snoothing Nipple Newborn Accessories

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  • Description

    Cartoon Animal Design Pacifier Soother for Baby Teether Safety Food Grade Silicone Infant Snoothing Nipple Newborn Accessories

    Product name: baby pacifier

    Ingredients: food grade silicone (pacifier) + PP (accessories)

    Net weight: about 13.5g

    Specifications: printing pattern + cover, pacifiers are available in two types: round head and flat head

    Color: pink, yellow, blue, green

    Name: Single-installed pacifier storage box (this product does not contain pacifiers)

    Material: transparent PP
    Specifications: 70mm*61mm*55mm

    Net weight: about 14g

    Product name: Bold pacifier chain (Fixed color Random Pattern)

    Composition: food grade PP (polypropylene)

    High temperature resistance: 150°C


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