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Cute Cartoon Animal Baby Diapers Cotton Panties Newborn Breathable Reusable Cloth Nappy Boy Girl Underwear Potty Training Pant

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    (1) What is the function of washable practice diapers?
    Washable practice diapers as the name suggests, it has the role of “diapers + pants”, is a transition necessary for the baby to get rid of diapers, as the internal structure of diaper design, coupled with waterproof inner layer, once the baby wet, a short time will not affect other clothes, and the slightly wet feeling can remind the baby to go to the toilet;Learningdesignes to make it easy for your baby to take off the diapers, more importantly, the shape of the pants. Your baby takes pride in growing up: “Look, I’m not a baby wearing diapers anymore, I’ve grown up to wear pants…”.
    (2) What materials are washable practice diapers made of?
    The outside of this diaper is pure cotton, and the crotch is cotton + a layer of towel material and TPU waterproof layer. The gauze is soft and fast in moisture absorption.
    (3) Are washable practice diapers more economical and ideal than diapers?
    Washable practice diapers are far more economical and ideal than diapers.First of all, practicable diapers can be reused after washing, whereas diapers can only be used once. Obviously, we don’t need to waste too much money on diapers.Second, Diapers caused by its chemical dry and refreshing, the baby does not know after urinating, so it is difficult to develop a sense to take off and replace.And cotton cloth brings a slightly wet feeling is just the right way to foster this awareness of the baby, from slowly put on and off pants, to the toilet, at last transition to wear normal pants.

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