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Foldable Baby Hammock Portable Newborn Baby Cradle Sleeping Swing Rocking Sedative Chair Child Car Bed Cloth Table

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    Holmen Marmaris Baby Hammock
    100 made Of cotton Fabric.
    Üretimde used fabrics Oeko-Tex Certified.
    Suitable for use by the age of one and a half from birth.
    Maximum 20Kg bearing capacity.
    Bed part is made of cotton fabric.
    Beşiğin inner dolgusunda 1. Quality Fiber Filler has been used.
    Through seat belts can safely use.
    The most suitable to your room with color options you can choose color.
    Ergonomic design and easy installation.
    Whether at home, whether in the garden, like at the picnic use conveniently.
    Not occupy space in the trunk.
    Can move where you want.
    Legs can be removed and portatiftir.
    İstenildiğinde can be fixed.
    Sway distance adjustable.
    Length: 120 cm
    Height: 66 cm
    Width/Foot Opening: 59 cm
    Bed Size: 43×96 cm

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