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medical Portable silent nebulizer Mini Handheld inhaler inhalator for kids Adult Atomizer nebulizador mesh Asthma nebulizadores

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  • Description

    Two types:   In-003 & N3
    N3 is only different in appearance and IN-003, and the functional parameters are the same.



    It is powered by usb cable or AA batteries,  Use 2 AA batteries (standard or rechargeable) when you’re far from power, or plug it into an outlet using the included USB cable.
    For transportation reason ,  batteries is not allowed to be shipped by air , you need to prepare it yourself .
    We suggest you to use power bank with usb cable , so it’s convenient .
    Or you could use good AA rechageable batteries yourself .
    Remember ,  Do Not put AA batteries in when you use usb cable plug in ,thanks.  

    Don’t use pure water , it is non conductive ,  it support tap water , normal saline , and medicine solvable in water.    

    Make sure the medicine cup is tightly with the host .

    When you finish using the nubelizer , you’d better use ethyl alcohol to clean the whole medicine cup including the place where the fog comes out .then you could use warm water to clean the medicine cup several times ,do atomization with warm water.

    About Product

    1. Quiet and Portable, Low Power

    2. Effective treatment, Low residual, fluid low noise design, DC Power/AA batteries ,Use anywhere,Water detection

    For: kids, adult , The elders and Patients

    Asist in treatment of respiratory diseases, such as cold, phlegm, fever, cough, asthma,sorethroat,rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis,tonsilitis , bronchitis,etc.


    Atomization is Very Comfortable

    Small particles, Large amount of atomization

    Self-Cleaning to Prevent Clogging

    Long press for 3-4 seconds and the light flashes twice to enter automatic cleaning mode

    The nebulizer will not heat up , the medicine won’t spoiled by high temperature

    One-Click Operation is More Convenient

    It can also be easily operated by children, use the spray with the touch of the on/off key

    Portable , light, Quiet, support usb cable plug in or use AA batteries

    Spray Absorbs Easily

    cold laser technology is used to punch ,  atomized hole about 1-3 μm

    Micron Atomization:

    Micron atomized particles make the atomization process as natural as breathing, Direct to the respiratory tract,trachea,alveolus,

    and lower respiratory tract afflicted part,liquid is more easily absorbed

    Two masks for adult and child,   Mouthpiece

    How to use?


    Picture for  N3:

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