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Punch-free Limiter Safety Lock Window Lock Stopper Baby Safety Lock Child Safety Lock Drawer Refrigerator Lock Baby Protective

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  • Description

    Punch-free limiter safety lock window lock stopper baby safety lock child safety lock drawer refrigerator lock baby protective


    Product name: punch-free safety lock

    Material: ABS, zinc alloy

    Open mode: key to unlock

    Function: limit the opening and closing distance of doors and windows

    Paste size: 50*60mm

    Distance size: 255mm


    1. 【bold firm】: bold bolt, all metal material design, durable strong firm, safe and reliable long service life

    2. 【screwing and thickening】: 3MM thick steel wire rope (with protective layer), durable and firm, outer protective gel coat, long wear life

    3. 【convenient installation】: this product adopts the adhesive installation method, no need to punch to destroy the installation, a tear that paste, simple and convenient

    4. 【protection upgrade】: can paste can be punched, give 8 screws, adapt to different scenes

    5. 【limit ventilation】: the installation position determines the size of the window, fixed distance free

    6. 【No window type】: upper hanging window type, inner opening and inner inverted window type, outer opening window type, inner opening window type, translation window type, etc., almost universal

    Package Included:

    1 * Safety lock


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