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Self-closing Pacifier Nipples Feeding Silicone Baby Product Baby Pacifiers Feeder Dustproof Baby Accessories Baby Pacifier Soft

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  • Description

    Product Name: Dustproof Mouth
    Product packaging: single independent packaging
    Product Material: Comfort pacifier: Silicone
                        Dust proof automatic closing cover: PP material
    Product size 15 * 9 * 5
    Product features: When the pacifier accidentally falls off, the specially designed pacifier piece will automatically close like a shell to keep the pacifier clean
    Please clean and disinfect with cleaning solution or boiling water before and after the first use
    Please let the baby use the toy mouth under adult supervision to avoid other situations
    If any stickiness or damage is found on the toy mouth, please immediately replace it with a new product before use
    Usage requirements:
    After cleaning, if there is water seepage in the mouth area, please gently squeeze out the water using a mother’s love bottle clip or other disinfected fixture before use
    Put the toy mouth in a place that the baby usually cannot reach. The toy mouth is a product, not a toy. For the hygiene of the toy mouth, the baby cannot play with it
    Please place the toy mouth in a cool and dry place to prevent bacterial growth when not in use



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