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SLAIXIU 40 Pieces Breast Pads Nursing Pads Disposable Breast Pads Breastfeeding Accessories Ultra-thin Dry Soft

R183.79 R216.25
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  • Description

    Quantity: 40 pieces (pack of 8 pieces)


    Attribute: Ultra-thin (1mm thickness)



    Need to use anti-overflow breast pad during lactation, how much do you need to buy?


    (The World Health Organization recommends adhering to breastfeeding until the baby is 2 years old.)



    How much amount of Breast Pads need?

    Lactation will appear galactorrhea, Suppose you are ready to breastfeed for 6 months

    8 Piece per day × 30 Days × 6 Months = 1440 Piece

    (In order to maintain hygiene, the breast pad is recommended to be replaced every 2-3 hours)



    SLAIXIU Epidemic prevention breast pads shelf life of three years, my mother can rest assured that use.

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