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The Washable Portable Travel High Chair Booster Baby Seat Straps Toddler Safety Harness Baby Feeding Kids Dinning Chair Belt

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  • Description

    6 color options

    Product Description


    • Travel assistant
    • Perfect baby travel products, while carrying the baby eating out, it is your good helper,It can fix your baby in a high chair and eat, reducing the hardship of holding your child all the time.

    Of course, if you are doing housework, you can put your baby on a high chair, which is an auxiliary seat belt.if you put your baby in your arms,

    You can tie it to the waist so you can free your hands to do things you want to sit on, such as reading a book, surfing the internet or feeding your baby. 


    • Easy to use

    Used on most high chairs with backrests,It can be done in a few seconds with a simple setup, using a sturdy snap connection and pulling the strap to adjust the length.


    • Easy to clean

    It is very easy to clean and durable. made of machine wash and durable fabric,this thin, breathable fabric is suitable for summer use, so your baby won’t get hot and won’t be stimulated by prickly heat.


    • Compact and easy to carry

    It folds in a small volume and is easy to store in your baby’s baby bag, taking up very little space and even putting it in your trouser pocket.


    • Recommendation for use: Children who can sit independently from 5 months to 36 months (or about 35 pounds).
    • Note: Please use it under the supervision of an adult. A particularly lively baby may break free of it.


    Fix your baby at your waist for easy feeding.

    Carry your baby easily, anytime, anywhere
    Whether you are at home, traveling, or eating at a restaurant, it can help you look after your baby.


    Place the baby on the chair

                                 Whether at home or anywhere, you can place your baby in a chair,give him a toy, you go to do housework, work, go online, the baby won’t take up your hands,you only need to look at him not to break free, you and your baby time together is not tired.


    Use when traveling with your baby

    When traveling with your baby,when you need to rest, shoot or your baby needs to feed,you can fix your baby in the chair of the scenic area, do what you want, and you will have a pleasant and perfect trip.

    Public restaurant use

    When you bring your baby to eat in a public restaurant,use the high chair strap to quickly fix your baby on the chair and free your hands to eat or feed your baby.

    Belt adjustable length

    The shoulder and waist straps are adjustable in length.when you tighten the strap’s head, fix the back strap to the tightest and adjust the shoulder to the baby’s comfortable length.

    This process is done in an instant and it won’t come loose.

    Note: When you find that the strap is tightened, it will automatically release.

    Try to install the strap from the other direction to the button until it locks, for your baby’s safety.

    It is forbidden to use a high chair strap that will automatically loosen!


    Durable washed fabric

    Rugged and washable cloth, breathable and strong, will not be stuffy for summer, prevent baby Grow prickly heat

    If you move your baby out of the sofa and place it on a wooden high chair, your baby will have a cool summer.

    Plug-in clips for quick and easy installation.


    Use schematic

    • Wrap the long strap around the back of the seat back, connect the buckle, and tighten the belt as far as possible.
    • Let the baby sit in the middle of the High chair belt, and wrap the baby’s crotch in a narrow position in the middle of the High chair belt.
    • Lift the front of the High chair belt to the baby’s chest and connect the 2 side strap buckles.and adjust the length of the belt to the baby’s comfort.
    • Check that all the connecting buckles of the high chair belt are fully locked.baby strap tension is appropriate to ensure that the baby was wrapped in security.


    Lightweight and portable

    Lightweight and easy to carry, only 125 grams in quality.

    It only takes up a small space after folding, and can be conveniently stored in the mother’s baby bag or even in the trouser pocket.

    Easy to use anytime, anywhere!


    High chair styles that can be used

    High chair style suitable for dining chair belts: like the wooden chairs we often use, high backrests and guardrails on the backrest.

    It is suitable for baby safety and is tied to a chair, making it easier to fix the strap.


    Inappropriate chair style

    Inappropriate chair style:

    Large arc, the backrest has a large height difference, the depth is long and the backrest has no effective support plate.

    This type of high chair is difficult to effectively fix the chair belt





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