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ZME Pediatric Nebulizer Machine Nebulizer Medical Device for Kids Baby Atomizer Silent Inhaler Children Inhalator Humidificador

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  • Description

    Medical Compressed Air Nebulizer

    Portable children’s cartoon

    Home Atomization

    A toy atomizer, the baby is willing to use it, and the parents are more comfortable

    Hygiene and health: The baby uses it at home and does not share it with others to avoid cross infection.

    Save time: Do nebulization at home anytime, anywhere, you don’t need to spend time on the subway.

    Save money: buy a product once, use it for a lifetime. It saves you the cost of taking a car, asking for leave, and registering in the hospital.

    Fine Atomization, Better Absorption

    The atomized particles are 1-3 microns,

    and the particles can cover the upper respiratory tract, trachea, alveoli, and lower respiratory tract, etc.,

    and are suitable for most respiratory problems.

    1. Upper respiratory tract 10-15um

    2. Trachea 5-10um

    3. Lower respiratory tract bronchi and alveoli 2-5 um

    Pneumonia, asthma, cough, respiratory disease

    Product Advantages

    1: Cartoon appearance design

    Cute little fish, the baby likes and does not reject the treatment.

    2: The atomized particles are moderate

    The atomized particles are small, and the drug is easily absorbed.

    3: Good heat dissipation performance

    Efficient single heat dissipation principle, continuous use temperature does not exceed 38 degrees Celsius.

    4: ABS material

    Good temperature resistance, good wear resistance, not afraid of being broken by the baby!

    5: Low noise, comfortable to use

    Use high-efficiency oil-free compressors to reduce noise and not affect your baby’s hearing health.

    (Ball bearing compressor, strong power, strong sales)

    Product Information

    Product name: Compressed air atomizer               Power supply: 220V 50Hz

    Item model number: WHB04                                    Input power: 125VA

    Atomization rate: 0.2ml/min                                     Size: 183*193*130(mm)

    Noise: <65dB                                                                 Net weight: 1.4kg

    Product Display

    1. Where the filter cotton is placed

    The filter cotton is used to filter impurities in the air. It needs to be replaced once every 1-2 months for regular use, and every 3-4 months for infrequent use, otherwise it will affect the fogging.

    2. Large cooling frame

    Effective heat dissipation to ensure the normal temperature of the host during operation.

    3. Air outlet

    Connect the tube, and the compressed air is ejected from it and enters the medicine cup for atomization.

    Product Details

    Air Outlet     Power Cord Socket     Power Switch

    Filter Cover      Cooling Vents        Atomizer Cup Placement

    Packing List

    1. Atomizing Cup*1 + Atomizing Mouthpiece*1

    2. Adult atomizing mask*1 + children’s atomizing mask*1

    3. Catheter*1

    4. Power cord*1

    5. Atomization host *1

    How To Use

    3 simple steps to get atomization

    Step 1: Connect one end of the tube to the air outlet of the atomizer, and the other end to the bottom of the atomizer cup.

    Step 2: Pour 1-8ml of liquid medicine into the atomizing cup, cover the lid, and turn on the mist.

    Step 3: Connect the mouthpiece or mask to perform atomization treatment.

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